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Photo of Lola

"Hi, I'm Lola and I belong to Vets Javier and Elena. They think I'm shy but when KCC look after me, I love to play games and keep them occupied. Although they give me lovely food and groom me the play time is the best especially when they bring along a cat nip bag as a treat.."
Lola, Hemel Hempstead

Photo of Ruby

"Ruby just loves to play when Vanessa visits and even follows her to the car trying to prevent her from leaving. We always feel happy to leave Ruby and Bullett knowing they will receive excellent care and plenty of cuddles in our absence."
J.G., Berkhamsted

Photo of Marbles

"KCC have completely lived up to their name for the last 18 months we have used them. Vanessa was excellent at looking after our Somali kittens Lara and Marbles and they always looked healthy, well groomed and contented on our return. This was our first time at being kitten owners but Vanessa advised us throughout and reassured us every step of the way between the kitten and cat stages of their lives."
S & J.A., Berkhamsted/Beaconsfield

Photo of Six cats

"I have 6 cats with 6 different diets and 6 different characters! When Vanessa takes over for 2 weeks, I know I will receive regular updates and that they will all be lovingly cuddled, groomed and receive the correct food."
O.S., Northchurch

Photo of Harvey

"Harvey had a traumatic experience at a cattery earlier in the year and we were worried about leaving him again. Vanessa at KCC was recommended and after her initial visit and reassurance we took a much needed break keeping in regular contact. We had no need to worry - Vanessa administered the required medication, carried out regular play and exercise and Harvey was a completely different cat on our return – more like his normal self – what a lovely surprise."
J.B., Northchurch

Photo of Pickles

"Pickles heads home when he knows that Vanessa is visiting. I have complete peace of mind whilst away on a family holiday when KCC take over and care for both our cat and home. I would highly recommend them."
S.L., Berkhamsted

Photo of Archie

"We have used KCC several times at short notice and they have always been able to accommodate us and the needs of our beloved cats Archie and Martha. I would not hesitate to recommend them for the high standard of care that they give."
J.K., Tring

Photo of Amber

"Amber loves to be stroked and cared for by KCC when we are away on holiday. She enjoys all the attention that is offered with regular games in the garden and seems just as happy without us!"
A.O., Northchurch